Ed Tech UI Guy

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Stellar RSS

We're going to add RSS feeds for Stellar websites in the Spring. The initial release of this feature will add a small 'RSS' icon to the Stellar templates. The RSS feed will include the 15 most recent items from these categories: New materials, updated materials, homework assignments and announcements. I think the homework assignments will appear when they are posted, and then again a few days before their die date.

It's going to be a great improvement for those who use RSS feeds a lot. I'm looking forward to it just to make it easier to keep track of project sites. I really wish Sakai had this feature now! I am getting overwhelmed by the number of special SEPP groups I've been signed up for. All of the activity in some of those sites is a great thing for Sakai, but it's hard to keep track of it all.

It's a shortened day at MIT today. Rather than commuting in for a 3 hour work day, I am working from local wi-fi enabled cafe. Craig and I have been swapping emails and instant messages all morning about RSS, while I've also been working on the new style switcher for Stellar (we've got some pretty spiffy features coming out even though it considered a minor update rather than a new version for Stellar). It has been a very productive morning, and it gives me confidence that I'll be able to maintain close contact with the team at MIT while I'm working in California.