Ed Tech UI Guy

Friday, January 07, 2005


We've been using Basecamp for the past month to keep track of our projects at AMPS. Mark, the manager for EDDG, has found it very useful for keeping on track of things. I am big fan the UI - I have found very easy to get things done, and I appreciate having RSS feeds for each project so I don't need to check the site.

I think the reason Basecamp has worked well for us is that our team works in a similar way to 37Signals - we focus on the screens, an by the time we're done with them a part-time programmer can get the application backend working fairly quickly. The "The Building of Basecamp" Review on Gadgetopia gives a good peek into the process, and the vibe of the company that built it (sadly, we don't have a a super hip HQ or even a foosball table).

It looks like we are going to use Basecamp at Berkeley to manage the Gradebook project as well. The fact that we could get going with it quickly and the low cost of entry made it an easy decision.