Ed Tech UI Guy

Monday, December 27, 2004

Use Case for Sessions Manager

I'm proposing a new tool for Sakai 2.0 that makes content management more natural for students and instructors by structuring the content of the site using the class meetings (or 'sessions') as a frame work. I wrote up a very drafty Use Case for Sessions Manager this morning.

I don't know that anyone is reading this, but if you are there two things I'm really wondering here.

  1. Does this tool already exist as a tool that will be ported to Sakai by someone else?
  2. What's a better name for this tool? I don't think many people will know what a "sessions manager" is. You could almost just call it "class setup." It was originally called the syallbus tool, because syllabi are also commonly structured around sessions. But that name got taken by a new tool that basically lets you post a structured webpage on the class site.