Ed Tech UI Guy

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sakai Class List

You know what I'd want in Sakai before I used it to teach a class? A simple class list tool. The tool would give me page listing all of the students in my class. Here's some more stuff it should do:

  • Let me see their pictures
  • Let me see which ones come from registrar's list
  • Let me add people who aren't on the registrar's list
  • Let me add 'guests' who can lurk in the class without participating
  • Let the students decide whether to share their contact info with eachother
  • Students viewing the page can see themselves plus anyone who's shared their info.

That sounds pretty easy right? It seems like a basic requirement for any learning management system. I'd like it right now so I could see who else is a member of some the groups I'm in. I'll be doing my bit to agitate for it's inclusion.